Competitions 2016/2017

Results for for 2016/2017 Season

Winning Images for 2016/2017 Season

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 16/17: Round 1

Assignment 16/17: Best of Summer Visits 2015

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 16/17: Round 2

Assignment 16/17: Transport

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 16/17: Round 3

Assignment 16/17: Abstract

Themes for the 2016/17 Season

All pictures must have been taken after 12th April 2016, apart from the Best of Summer Competition which must be taken between 3rd May 2016 and 2nd August 2016.

1. Best of Summer Visits 2016

Pictures must be from an event published on the club web-site. Events must take place between 3rd May 2016 and 2nd August 2016.

2. Action

3. Dereliction

4. Interiors

5. Abstract

6. Transport

Other Competitions for the 2016/17 Season

Pictures may have been taken at any time.

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy

Six rounds spread over the year. Formerly the Glazer Trophy, renamed in memory of the late Richard Brown, founding member and long serving chairman of the club who passed away in 2015.


Digital or traditional film images acceptable.

Projected Image

Digital Images displayed on the Club Projector or Traditional Slides taken with a proper camera.


A picture of a person, animal portraits not accepted.

Competitions 2015/2016

Results for for 2015/2016 Season

Winning Images for 2015/2016 Season

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 15/16: Round 6

Assignment 15/16: Landscape

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 15/16: Round 5

Assignment 15/16: Landscape

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 15/16: Round 4

Assignment 15/16: Framed

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 15/16: Round 3

Assignment 15/16: Candid

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 15/16: Round 2

Assignment 15/16: Macro

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 15/16: Round 1

Assignment 15/16: Best of Summer Visits 2015

Monochrome Competition 2015/16

Projected Competition 2015/16

Portrait Competition 2015/16

Reminder of Competition Rules

Members submitting prints from digital images must upload the image files in the Members Area 48 hours before the competition. Or provide Marcus with the original digital image on CD or memory card at the previous week's meeting.  Voting numbers will be issued by the web-site, no entries will be accepted after that, anybody bringing files on the night will be politely IGNORED.  No File, No Entry, No Excuses.

Members may submit up to two images in each competition.

Images must be wholly the work of the member submitting them, printing or chemical processing excepted.

Submissions may only be submitted to one competition but, apart from the Assignment Competition, may be of any age. You may enter a Daguerreotype which you took 70 years ago, provided it has never been entered into a Laleham Camera Club competition before.

All submissions must have a title which will be printed on a label along with the entry number or announced by the projectionist when slides or projected digital images are displayed.

The entry number must be printed clearly on the back of the image before it is handed to the competition organizer.

Prints will be limited to 12" by 8" or smaller (or a similar area in the case of panoramics).

In each competition members will vote for their top six images. Votes will translate to points as follows:-

Where two or more images score the same number of points, positions will be decided by the number of first place votes, or if necessary the number of second or third place votes etc.

Members will not be permitted to vote for their own images.

Members must vote for all six places even if they do not rate any of the images (unless there are so few images that they would have to vote for their own).

In the Assignment Competition & the Richard Brown Challenge Trophy cumulative points will be awarded based on positions in each round as follows:-

A member may score points for both their images.

Any objections to images on the basis that they are outside the theme or rules of the competition must be raised before voting commences. Objections will be decided by show of hands of the members, with casting vote to the Chairman. Once voting starts no further objections will be heard.

Competitions 2014/2015

Results for for 2014/2015 Season

Winning Images for 2014/2015 Season

Glazer Trophy 14/15: Round 1

Assignment 14/15: Best of Summer Visits 2014

Glazer Trophy 14/15: Round 2

Assignment 14/15: Steam

Glazer Trophy 14/15: Round 3

Assignment 14/15: Flesh, Fur or Feather

Glazer Trophy 14/15: Round 4

Assignment 14/15: Music

Glazer Trophy 14/15: Round 5

Assignment 14/15: Weather

Glazer Trophy 14/15: Round 6

Assignment 14/15: Winter

Greyscale 2014/2015

Portrait 2014/2015

Projected Image 2014/2015

N Print 2014/2015

Competitions 2013/2014

Results for for 2013/2014 Season

Winning Images for 2013/2014 Season

Glazer Trophy 13/14: Round 1

Assignment 13/14: Best of Summer Visits 2013

Glazer Trophy 13/14: Round 2

Assignment 13/14: Industrial Architecture

Glazer Trophy 13/14: Round 3

Assignment 13/14: Decay

Glazer Trophy 13/14: Round 4

Assignment 13/14: Night Photography

Glazer Trophy 13/14: Round 5

Assignment 13/14: Speed

Glazer Trophy 13/14: Round 6

Assignment 13/14: Patterns

N Print 13/14

Portrait 13/14

Projected Image 13/14

Greyscale 13/14

Camera Phone Challenge 13/14

Film Camera Challenge 13/14

Competitions 2012/2013

Results for for 2012/2013 Season

Winning Images for 2012/2013 Season

Glazer Trophy 12/13: Round 1

Glazer Trophy 12/13: Round 2

Glazer Trophy 12/13: Round 3

Glazer Trophy 12/13: Round 4

Glazer Trophy 12/13: Round 5

Glazer Trophy 12/13: Round 6

Assignment 12/13: Best of Summer Visits 2012

Assignment 12/13: Food

Assignment 12/13: Abstract

Assignment 12/13: Water

Assignment 12/13: Mystery

Assignment 12/13: Three Themed Images

N Print 2012/2013

Projected Image 2012/2013

Greyscale 2012/2013

Portrait 2012/2013

Competitions 2011/2012

Results for for 2011/2012 Season

Winning Images for 2011/2012 Season

Glazer Trophy 11/12: Round 1

Glazer Trophy 11/12: Round 2

Glazer Trophy 11/12: Round 3

Glazer Trophy 11/12: Round 4

Glazer Trophy 11/12: Round 5

Glazer Trophy 11/12: Round 6

Assignment 11/12: Best of Summer Visits 2011

Assignment 11/12: Environmental Portrait

Assignment 11/12: Sports

Assignment 11/12: Shapes

Assignment 11/12: Technology

Assignment 11/12: Rain

N Print 2011/2012

Greyscale 2011/2012

Projected Image 2011/2012

Portrait 2011/2012

Competitions 2010/2011

Competition Winners 2011

The winners of our competitions for 2010/11.  From left to right...

Results for for 2010/2011 Season

Winning Images for 2010/2011 Season

Assignment 10/11: Best of Summer Visits 2010

Glazer Trophy 10/11: Round 1

Assignment 10/11: Panoramas

Glazer Trophy 10/11: Round 2

Assignment 10/11: Abstracts

Glazer Trophy 10/11: Round 3

Assignment 10/11: Man Made

Glazer Trophy 10/11: Round 4

Assignment 10/11: Night

Glazer Trophy 10/11: Round 5

Assignment 10/11: Feathered Friends

Glazer Trophy 10/11: Round 6

Monochrome Competition 10/11

Projected Image Competition 10/11

N Print Competition 10/11

Portrait Competition 10/11

Competitions 2009/2010

Competition Winners 2010

The winners of our competitions for 2009/10.  From left to right...

Results for for 2009/2010 Season

Winning Images for 2009/2010 Season

Chairman's Trophy 2010

Assignment 09/10: Best of Summer Visits 2009

Glazer Trophy 09/10: Round 1

Assignment 09/10: Environmental Issues

Glazer Trophy 09/10: Round 2

Assignment 09/10: Our Heritage

Glazer Trophy 09/10: Round 3

Assignment 09/10: Simplicity

Glazer Trophy 09/10: Round 4

Assignment 09/10: Three Themed Pictures

Glazer Trophy 09/10: Round 5

Assignment 09/10: Self Portrait

Glazer Trophy 09/10: Round 6

Monochrome 09/10

N Print 09/10

Portrait 09/10

Competition 2008/2009

Competition Winners 2008/09

The winners of our competitions for 2008/09.  On the right David Thwaite, winner of the Assignment Competition, the Glazer Trophy, the Monochrome, N Print and Portrait Competitions. In the centre Jill Neal winner of Single Use Camera Competition and second placed in the Assignment Competition and the Glazer Trophy. On the left Goncalo Machado winner of the Transparency Competition and third placed in the Assignment Competition and Glazer Trophy.

Results for for 2008/2009 Season

Winning Images for 2008/2009 Season

Assignment 08/09: Best of Summer Visits 2008

Glazer Trophy 08/09: Round 1

Assignment 08/09: Weather

Glazer Trophy 08/09: Round 2

Assignment 08/09: Looking Up

Glazer Trophy 08/09: Round 3

Assignment 08/09: Chimneys

Glazer Trophy 08/09: Round 4

Assignment 08/09: Stairs

Glazer Trophy 08/09: Round 5

Assignment 08/09: Close Up

Glazer Trophy 08/09: Round 6

Monochrome Competition 2008/2009

N Print Competition 2008/2009

Portrait Competition 2008/2009

Single Use Camera Competition 2008/2009

Slide Competition 2008/2009

Competition Entries 2007/2008

Results for for 2007/2008 Season

Winning Images for 2007/2008 Season

Assignment 07/08: Best of Summer Visits 2007

Glazer Trophy 07/08: Round 1

Assignment 07/08: Industry

Glazer Trophy 07/08: Round 2

Assignment 07/08: Landscape

Glazer Trophy 07/08: Round 3

Assignment 07/08: Montage

Glazer Trophy 07/08: Round 4

Assignment 07/08: Water

Glazer Trophy 07/08: Round 5

Assignment 07/08: Flight

Glazer Trophy 07/08: Round 6

Monochrome Competition 2007/2008

N Print Competition 2007/2008

Portrait Competition 2007/2008

Single Use Camera Competition 2007/2008

Slide Competition 2007/2008

Competition Entries 2006/2007

Results for for 2006/2008 Season

Winning Images for 2006/2007 Season

Assignment 06/07: Best of Summer Visits 2006

Glazer Trophy 06/07: Round 1

Assignment 06/07: Local History

Glazer Trophy 06/07: Round 2

Assignment 06/07: Letters of the Alphabet

Glazer Trophy 06/07: Round 3

Assignment 06/07: Solitude

Glazer Trophy 06/07: Round 4

Assignment 06/07: Street Candids

Glazer Trophy 06/07: Round 5

Assignment 06/07: Circles

Glazer Trophy 06/07: Round 6

The Monochrome Experience 2006/2007

N Print Competition 2006/2007

Portrait Competition 2006/2007